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2014 Komen Triangle Race for the Cure

A Sole Team For Vickie


Welcome Teammates,

This is your Captain speaking.  I would like to welcome you to the 2014 A Sole Team for Vickie Team Page.  It is once again my honor and privilege to serve as the captain for this year’s team.  This year marks the second race Vickie will have the best seat in the house for viewing the race along with our mom and dad.  I can only now imagine what they are able to see. 

Our focus again for this year’s race is on raising as much money as we can to aid in the research that one day will lead to a cure for Breast Cancer.  Unfortunately this year more women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Therefore the need to find a cure is greater than ever.  In the past our focus was to get as many people to show up on race day to be there as a visible support for Vickie.  As mentioned above, our focus now is to raise money and support others that have Breast Cancer as well as those who will be diagnosed in the future.  75% of all money raised stays locally to support Breast Cancer Research with the remaining 25% going to support this research on a national level.  This being the case, may I may make a few suggestions to assist you in your fund raising effort.

*Ask a least one person to make a donation to our team.

*Share our team page with your Facebook Friends.

*Remember donations to the team other than your registration fee are 100% deductible.

I look forward to this year’s team being the most successful ever, but I will need all team members’ working together to make this happen.  If there is anything I can do to assist you in this effort let me know.  Also, if you have any ideas on making the team more successful, do not hesitate to let me know. 

I personally want to thank each of you for all you have done in the past to make A Sole Team for Vickie successful.  I once again look forward to working with you to make this year’s team the most successful ever.  Last year our team raised over $16,000 dollars.  Here’s to the 2014 A Sole Team for Vickie.

“Vickie lost her battle with cancer but left us with the charge to continue the fight!”  DJG


In Christ,

Phil Byrd, Team Captain

A Sole Team For Vickie Raised
$500 Milestone Phil Byrd $13,275.00
Bynum Bass $0.00
Douglas Bass $0.00
Grady Bass $0.00
$50 Milestone Jason Bass $60.00
Laura Bass $0.00
Noelle Bass $0.00
$500 Milestone Paula Bass $650.00
Ryan Bass $0.00
Josh Brown $15.00
$500 Milestone Cricket Byrd $500.00
$500 Milestone Ruger Byrd $500.00
$500 Milestone Sandy Byrd $500.00
Leshan Fernando $0.00
Mardie Gibbs $0.00
Dennis Grabowski $0.00
David Gupton $0.00
$250 Milestone Lois Gupton $250.00
$50 Milestone Judy Hartigan $74.00
$50 Milestone Milinda Kelly $100.00
$50 Milestone Kathy Meadows $100.00
Rich Meadows $0.00
$250 Milestone Bruce Morgen $300.00
Suzanne Morgen $25.00
Arwyn Murdoch $0.00
Lincoln Murdoch $0.00
Lynn Murdoch $0.00
Lynn Murdoch $0.00
Rusty Murdoch $0.00
Susie Murdoch $0.00
Trey Murdoch $0.00
$50 Milestone Tim Rectanus $124.00
Cheyane Ward $0.00
Chris Ward $0.00
Landen Ward $0.00
Mary-Faith Ward $0.00
Waylen Ward $0.00
Team Gifts $1,600.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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A Sole Team For Vickie


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